In this tutorial i'm going to explain how to use Portal.


In user you can see which accounts can get into your application.

You go to user by clicking on the menu bar and select users

As you can see there are two users, one is admin and the other is a user

Create user

You can create a user by clicking the Create user button. Enter name, email address and password and select whether he or she is an admin or a user, when that's done click register

Delete user and change password

You can also delete a user by clicking the trash can and change the password by clicking the reset password button

If you click on reset password, the person you clicked will receive an email where you can change the password

Company profile


for the tokens you will only use it if you are going to use an sdk.

if you want to use a token click generate, this will generate a token for you.

App content 

On the app content page you can add products to the app, categorize the products or add banners.

This can be done by pressing these three buttons


To add a banner click on the banner button. This shows options you can change such as a picture text color or label


Same as the banner you create a category by pressing the button. Like the banner, this shows a popup where you can make adjustments

Add product

just like the banner and category, you have requested a product by pressing the button. if you press it, a pupup will appear where you can select the product.


In the catalog you are going to add / edit the products in the catalog.

Add products

To add a product you have to click on add product. This will bring up a pop up where you can add the content.