Upload 3D Assets API

HTTP Method / Path: POST /configwise/api/components/:productNumber|:componentId/[ios|android|original]

The following suffixes of invocation URL are supported:

  • /ios

    • if you upload IOS specific 3D models. 

    .scn.usd and .usdz 3D model file formats are supported for IOS.

  • /android

    • if you upload ANDROID specific 3D models. 

    .glb and .gltf formats are supported for ANDROID.

  • /original

    • if you upload original 3D models. 

    .dae and .fbx formats are supported as a original 3D models.

NOTICE: Original 3D models will be shown in IOS mobile application only and only if NO attached IOS specific 3d models. We do not recommend to upload original 3D models - instead always upload IOS and ANDROID models only. Further original models will be marked as outdated (the supporting of these files will be removed from ConfigWise).

Authorization: Request must include 'x-token' header, eg: 'x-token': '755c0fadf29146c3b65778528a3abb12'. See Setup API token to generate or retrieve the API token defined in the ConfigWise Portal.

Required HTTP headers:

  • x-token: YOUR_API_TOKEN

  • Content-Type: multipart/form-data

  • Accept: application/json

As a URL parameter you can use 'product number' or 'internal component id'.

Uploading of files is executed through HTTP multipart/form-data. The body of your request must contain one file field (field name must be files). This files field must contain array of uploaded files (so you upload multiple files in one HTTP request). Here is the curl example how to invoke this API method:

$ curl -L -v -X POST https://manage.configwise.io/configwise/api/components/PR-01004/ios \
-H 'x-token: YOUR_API_TOKEN' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \
-F files[]=@/path/to/your/file01.scn \
-F files[]=@/path/to/your/file02.png \
-F files[]=@/path/to/your/file03.jpg

An example of success response:

200 HTTP response code

    "id": "6Yz5Q7AGkh",
    "productNumber": "PR-01004",
    "name": "YourProduct",
    "appName": "YourProduct (app)",
    "createdAt": "2019-12-06T15:12:42.092Z",
    "updatedAt": "2019-12-08T16:01:59.348Z",
    "isFloating": true,
    "description": "Description of YourProduct",
    "productLink": "https://my.store.com/product/YOUR_PRODUCT",
    "isVariance": true,
    "parentProductNumber": "PR-01001",
    "published": true,
    "thumbnail": null,
    "iosModel": "https://manage.configwise.io/configwise/files/companies/EZVEjkaKiH/catalog/components/6Yz5Q7AGkh/scn/184f4ef1-2cc5-4276-8949-43b960ef7efc/file01.scn",
    "iosModelAssets": [
    "androidModel": null,
    "androidModelAssets": [],
    "originalModel": null,
    "originalModelAssets": [],
    "fileSizes": [
            "filePath": "companies/EZVEjkaKiH/catalog/components/6Yz5Q7AGkh/scn/184f4ef1-2cc5-4276-8949-43b960ef7efc/file01.scn",
            "size": 301336
            "filePath": "companies/EZVEjkaKiH/catalog/components/6Yz5Q7AGkh/scn/184f4ef1-2cc5-4276-8949-43b960ef7efc/file02.png",
            "size": 129658
            "filePath": "companies/EZVEjkaKiH/catalog/components/6Yz5Q7AGkh/scn/184f4ef1-2cc5-4276-8949-43b960ef7efc/file03.jpg",
            "size": 1753535
    "nodesToTags": [],
    "tagsToMaterials": []

Examples of error responses:

404 HTTP response code (if requested component not found)

   "error": "Not Found."

400 HTTP response code (if incorrect parameters in the HTTP request)

// In case if you only attached assets and forgot to attach required 3D model file.
   "error": "3D model file is required in uploading content."
// In case if no attached files to upload at all.
   "error": "No uploading file."

403 HTTP response code (if incorrect 'x-token' header in the response)

   "error": "Forbidden."

500 HTTP response code (if server side error occurs)

   "error": "Internal Server Error"