Delete Component API

Delete existing component from the catalog.

HTTP Method / Path: DELETE /configwise/api/components/:productNumber|:componentId

Authorization: Request must include 'x-token' header, eg: 'x-token': '755c0fadf29146c3b65778528a3abb12' See Setup API token to generate or retrieve the API token defined in the ConfigWise Portal.

Required HTTP headers:

  • x-token: YOUR_API_TOKEN

  • Accept: application/json

As a URL parameter you can use 'product number' or 'internal component id'.

An example of success response

204 HTTP response code (no content in the body)

Examples of error responses

404 HTTP response code (if requested component not found)

   "error": "Not Found."

403 HTTP response code (if incorrect 'x-token' header in the response)

   "error": "Forbidden."

500 HTTP response code (if server side error occurs)

   "error": "Internal Server Error"