ConfigWise Flutter tutorial

Finding your Auth Token in configwise

Save this code, because later on you need to replace something with this code.

Setup Flutter plugin

To set up flutter you first need to install a couple of applications and files.

  1. Download Android Studio or IntelliJ:

The reason why you need to download Android Studio or IntelliJ is to run Flutter on your phone, you can both use Android Studio and IntelliJ.(We recommend downloading the latest version)

On these links you can find the download of the following applications:

2. Download the ConfigWise Flutter File:

The reason why you need to download this file is to make the app run on your phone.

On this link you can find the download of the following file:

3. Download Flutter:

You need to download the Flutter SDK file to make the plugin work.

On this link you can find the download of the following file:

Flutter setup 

If you have installed everything from above, you can now begin to set up. Use Android Studio or IntelliJ to open a ConfigWise flutter file.

If the installation process goes as planned you should have all these files.

Use these plugins to connect the intelliJ or android studio with flutter and dart.

And indicate where the direction of the flutter is located

Now use the Auth Token to replace “YOUR_COMPANY_AUTH_TOKEN”.

Now you can connect your device and run the project.

Now to download the project on your device you simply have to connect your device and select it at arrow number 1. When you did this you can now run the project and start the download by pressing arrow number 2.

If everything is going well the app should appear called cwflutter_example

If you open the app you can see this interface, in this interface you can see the different products. If you don't see this same interface, it means you did something wrong from the steps above.

If you select a product you can now see it in AR. It may take some time to load the model.